Go Ahead, Take the scenic Route

Finding ways to get the most out of every drop of fuel

Chevrolet has been pushing the limits of fuel efficiency for years so you can be confident your vehicle is getting the most out of every drop of fuel. From XFE and Eco models, to Hybrids(4) and an Electric Vehicle with a range-extending gas generator(5), we've explored various options to find the ones best suited for your life. But we won't stop there.

We're committed to finding and developing new solutions every day to meet the growing demand for better fuel economy without ever sacrificing performance. Because in the end, we're committed to you and the life you're leading.

Cruze Eco: MMPG

That's more miles per gallon. When you're engineering for maximum efficiency everything counts, beginning with what's under the hood. Cruze Eco is equipped with the powerful and efficient 1.4L turbocharged engine and components to help reduce drag and optimize aerodynamics, helping Cruze Eco offer 42 MPG highway(1).

From inside to the outside, every inch of Cruze Eco works to get the most out of every drop of fuel used. Its special lightweight 17" wheels wrapped in ultra-low-rolling resistance tires improve efficiency, while the front fascia's standard active front aero shutter feature closes at highway speed to improve aerodynamics.

Engineered for efficiency

Every Chevrolet vehicle is designed for optimal energy efficiency, whether it's gas, battery, or both. That kind of efficiency doesn't just happen. It's the end result of a combination of technologies engineered specifically to get you where you want to go without ever having to sacrifice.

Six-speed transmissions offer more gear ratios to keep the engine in its most efficient operating range, and direct injection delivers fuel directly into the combustion chamber, which produces a cooling effect in the chamber to help improve fuel efficiency.

Variable Valve Timing enhances torque at lower RPM and increases horsepower at higher RPM. Active Fuel Management is an engine management system that enables the engine to automatically operate on half of its cylinders under light load conditions, improving fuel efficiency and reducing consumption. The drivetrains on our hybrid vehicles(4) use a combination of battery power and gas engine for propulsion.

These fuel-saving technologies are available on many Chevrolet vehicles.