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Vehicle Options

AM/FM Radio
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Cruise Control
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Overall Vehicle Condition

Rate the condition of the following: 1 being poor, 10 being excellent.

*Metal/Paint(Scratches, dings, dents, rust, fading)
Tires (50% tread wear - replacement)
Upholstery (Tears, burns, stains)
Glass (Fractures, spiders, chips)
Clutch (Slipping)
Brakes (Squeaky, noisy)


Collision History

Has your vehicle ever been involved in a collision?
If yes, was a Body Shop estimate of repairs written?
*Were Body Shop repairs performed?
*Was the vehicle repaired to your complete satisfaction?


Exterior Condition

*Are any of the painted surfaces scratched, rusted, or faded?
*Are there any dents and dings?
*Have any of the painted surfaces been repainted or touched up?
*Does any of the glass have fractures, spiders, or chips?


Interior Condition

*Does the upholstery have tears, burns, or stains?
*Does the stereo system or any of its components need repairs?
*Do all of the gauges and dash functions work?


Mechanical Condition

*Does the engine need any repairs?
*Does the transmission need any repairs?
*Is the clutch slipping or need any repairs?
*Are the brakes sqeaking or in need of repair?
*Has the trasmission or engine ever been replaced?



Has the vehicle ever been a taxi, rental car, or police car?
Has the vehicle ever been in water deeper than the midpoint of the tires?
Has the vehicle ever been declared a "Flood" vehicle?
Is the vehicle's frame in need of repair?
Has your vehicle's frame ever been repaired?
Has the vehicle ever had a salvage title?
Is this a "lemon law buyback" vehicle?
*Has the vehicle ever been declared a total loss?
Is the vehicle air bag in working order?
Has the vehicle air bag ever been deployed?
Do you have any of the service records for this vehicle?
Do you have records for any oil change within the last 5000 miles?
Is the catalytic converter attached and working properly?
Are the inspection stickers current?
Has the spare tire ever been used?
Do any of the tires need to be replaced?
Is the pollution control equipment attached and working properly?
Is there anything else we should know?